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go fund me

Sep. 10th, 2015 | 10:31 am

hi every one

I started a go fund me campaign to help me get the money needed to adopt the little girl I have been taking care of for the better part the last 8 years. If you can help me out by sharing it around I would be forever grateful. Thank you!


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Gundam Wing Timeline Question

Jun. 24th, 2015 | 09:46 am

AC 195, December 24 or AC 196, December 24.

Is it ever said what day of the week these dates fall on?

In the story I'm currently writing, I'm trying to stay as true to the AC timeline as I can and it would help me a lot if I knew what the exact day was (or if it's ever mentioned.)

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[GW FIC] Afterthoughts of Discourse Ch. 6

Jun. 8th, 2015 | 09:06 pm

September 11th 2004

Title: Afterthoughts of Discourse

Author: Vega-Lume

I make no money with this or any of my other fics.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, but the situations, original characters, the

M-Utatek (no matter how improbable it may be) and anything else NOT original to the GW Universe is mine. Any flames for any reason like pointing out that improbability will be laughed at and fed to my Plot Bunny Mkha, who will eat it and leave plenty bunny raisins for you.

Warnings: A/U-ish (not intended to be, but turning out that way)Angst, MPREG, Yaoi, Het, Limey? Lemony? Mountain Dew? (Let's just say there are some citrusy parts, k?)

Pairings: 2x1, 2xH, OMCx1

Beta: none

Archive: fanfiction.net under VegaLume-San archiveofourown.org under Vega_Lume

Afterthoughts of Discourse

Chapter 6

By Vel
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Aug. 27th, 2013 | 08:09 pm

She's mine! Papers notarized and witnessed by lawyers the little girl I've been fighting for her whole life is mine! It's still temporary for now until we can pay for the final court costs to sever parental rights but for now, she's mine. Her mother can't just suddenly take off in the middle of the night and take her away again. I feel like I'm going to float away now that that one major stone has been lifted.

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Christmas list

Aug. 18th, 2013 | 07:30 pm

As some of you know I will be moving soon so I wanted to make sure I had every sorted out. As of right now if you are not on my list, I don't have your address. If you want a holiday card and you're not on the list PM me your address A.S.A.P.

hostile crayon
female shinigami
Yami Tai
luel exana
Claire H.
TK maxwell
link worshiper

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A little happy sad

Aug. 1st, 2013 | 08:03 am

We're moving sometime in the next few months. We don't have an exact date yet as I have to find us a place first. In September I'll be going ahead of the family because I have to actually walk the place to see if it's handicap accessible and such, then get it ready for mom so she can go right in with as little fuss as possible.

I can't say that I will miss Utah, in fact I dislike Utah very much and will I'm vary happy that I won't be living here any more.

I will miss my job though. I love it and most of the people I work with, I'm going to miss it very, very much. Today I gave my notice and cried when I got home. My boss gave my shoulder a squeeze and told me I'd be missed and it took everything in me to not start crying right then and there. Even if I could find another job like it after the move it just wouldn't be the same. I'm almost hoping they forget to take me off the e-mail assignment list for a while just so I can see what events they're doing. It's not just my fellow employees but the workers at the various venues as well like the in-house security and house keeping staff. (at least I can take all my internet friends with me)

I know it's early to be thinking about Christmas but if you have my current address you might need to hold off sending me a card until I know for sure if I'll have my new place in time or if you can just send it to Utah and have my mom get them for me.

I have back ups of back ups for my Holiday mailing list so if you're on it you'll still get a card this year.

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woo hoo!!

Jun. 7th, 2013 | 06:32 pm

DSC03499 took this 10 minutes ago

Just one week ago she would vomit when she held a pen but look at her now! She still gets sick when there is direct contact with her or when you ask her to do something specific like ABC or draw a car. We're still waiting to see the therapist (long waits for specialists, yeesh) but things are looking up!

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just what we needed...

May. 25th, 2013 | 06:34 pm

Another dark secret in the child's past has now come to the surface. Apparently something happened in all those months spent in the 'Head Start' child storage unit she was forced to go to that has left her with so much anxiety towards doing school work that she vomits the moment you place a worksheet down.

For the past two days I had been trying to help her just draw shapes and such, to get her use to holding a pencil or crayon, but the moment we start she cries and retches until she vomits.

I know this has to stem from something that happened in 'school' and there's nothing much I can think of that I can do about it until Tuesday when I call her doctor.

Everything I've read online says she's doing it because she did it once, someone let her stop the work and she realized if she does it she'll get what she wants.

Makes me think of my cat and the way he soils himself whenever I have to put him in his carrier, he soiled himself once and I let him out right away, now her does it on purpose within moment of being put in.

The question is, do I just continue to gently encourage her and hold her hand even though she's making herself sick or do I 'reward' the behavior by letting her stop her lessons?

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Fabulous Mother's Day!!

May. 15th, 2013 | 09:00 pm

Okay! Friday night my computer monitor finally went kaput which is why I haven't been on. I just got my replacement monitor today but we had a power outage and I wasn't able to get on until just now.
The worst part was I couldn't get on to tell you all what an absolutely wonderful weekend I had!!!

On Saturday morning mom went out with the kid and got my sis and I mother's day gifts, my first real mother's day anything, the damn card brought tears to my eyes!

Saturday afternoon my bother in San Diego called which was wonderful because we don't hear from him very often, he spoke with mom for a while then asked her for our address because he didn't think the one he had for us was correct. Mom gave it to him and he told her to wait a minute while he found a pen, while mom was waiting the was a knock at the door and there he was in person! We hadn't seen each other in over 6 years!

He brought gifts, took us out to dinner and stayed all weekend, his birthday was Monday so we were able to see him on his birthday too before he flew home Monday morning.

It still doesn't seem real, like he was ever here at all. Mom still tears up when she thinks about it and I didn't even realize how much I missed him until he went home.

p.s. It didn't really feel like Mother's day for me until we went out to dinner and the server at the restaurant gave me a free Mother's day desert treat assuming that the child was mine, that almost brought tears too!

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Looking up

Apr. 21st, 2013 | 04:58 pm

I don't know if any of you remember me talking about my friend and her daughter, the little girl I was so worried about because her father most likely sexually abused her and her mother doesn't take care of her properly?

Well, if all things go well, in May I will be this littler girl's legal guardian.

It's going to be hard, the child has some real problems stemming from the way she has been brought up so far. She needs some serious mental and medical help. When I'm her legal guardian I'll be able to get her the help she needs but I am worried that she may be 'beyond help' in some places.

I never though I could think of a little 5 year old child this way but she is a mean, nasty little thing that actually enjoys hurting others. She is always hitting, pulling, braking or tearing up something, or someone, and one of her favorite things to do is put things in the animal's water like soap that can make them sick.

We have an appointment with a behavioral heath doctor in July, I wish it was sooner. I'm worried about enrolling her in school(special education) with how mean she can be towards others, July is cutting it close to the start of the next school year.


On another note, there is a very, very good chance that we will be moving sometime this fall, before the winter holidays so if you send me a Christmas card please wait to mail it until I know for sure so it doesn't get lost.

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